The most important aspect of a developed India will be consumer empowerment: Piyush Goyal


New Delhi: Consumer empowerment will be a key component of a developed India, as per Piyush Goyal, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution. He also called for placing customers at the centre of all activities. He made this statement while speaking at a New Delhi celebration of National Consumers Day.

The Minister stated that the theme, “Effective disposal of cases in consumer commissions,” is consistent with the government’s strategy, which is to ensure prompt justice for all citizens, not only consumers. Mr. Goyal reported that in just six months, the number of cases resolved had nearly doubled to 90,000. He continued by saying that the government is making a lot of effort.

He continued by saying that the administration is making significant efforts to make doing business and living easier. In the past few years, he said, more than 1,500 unnecessary statutes have been deleted from the legislation, and close to 39,000 compliances have been made simpler.