The Home Ministry warns citizens to be wary of fraudsters posing as government representatives.


The public has been cautioned by the Home Ministry against con artists posing as representatives of law enforcement agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate, Reserve Bank of India, Department of Narcotics, Police, and Central Bureau of Investigation. The Ministry reports that a significant number of complaints about cyber criminals impersonating government authorities and committing acts of intimidation, blackmail, extortion, and digital arrests are being filed on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

Sometimes the scam artists use Skype or other video conferencing platforms to physically detain unwary victims and keep them there until their demands are fulfilled. To look authentic, the con artists usually dress in uniforms and operate out of studios designed to resemble police stations and government buildings.

The Ministry stated that these thieves have caused numerous victims to lose significant sums of money. Cross-border crime syndicates are reportedly behind this coordinated online economic crime, according to the report. For assistance, the Ministry has asked the public to report incidents as soon as possible to or the cybercrime hotline at 1930.

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