Rajnath Singh urges the military to prepare for the future by being able to handle security problems


Bengaluru : Rajnath Singh, the Union Minister of Defence, urges the Armed Forces to strengthen their capabilities and formulate strategies and programmes while considering the state of international security and upcoming difficulties. Speaking on Sunday at the Saurya Sandhya event held at the ASC Centre in Bengaluru as part of National Army Day, Mr. Rajnath Singh praised the Armed Forces for preserving the nation’s rich tradition and preserving the country’s territorial integrity with incomparable bravery. The Defence Minister recalled the valour displayed by the Armed Forces in the recent incidents in Galwan and Tawang as well as the wars of 1962, 1965, 1971, and 1999. He emphasised that the Armed Forces have been a trustworthy partner in the management of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR), not only for India but also for friendly nations.

He believed that by 2027 India would be one of the top economies in the world and would hold the top position, making security a crucial factor in defending the interests of the country. He emphasised that record amounts of FDI are coming into the nation as a result of the confidence that investors have in our security forces. The Indian army braves displayed their extraordinary manoeuvres while riding Tornado motorcycles as part of Shaurya Sandhya. They demonstrated their expertise in a variety of activities, including piloting microlight aircraft, paramotor planes, tent pegging, daredevil jumps, Taekwondo, bands, and six bar jumps. The audience applauded as the paratroopers descended to the ground with such grace while using their parachutes.