A conference of all presiding officers of India was conducted at the Rajasthan Assembly in Jaipur.


Jaipur: At the Rajasthan Assembly in Jaipur, a two-day All India Presiding Officers’ Conference came to an end today. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla remarked during his speech that enough debate and discussion should take place in both the Central and State Legislatures before any legislation is passed. Additionally, he stressed the significance of discussing the various parliamentary committees’ reports. Discussing the reports, he claimed, would improve the executive’s responsibility. He has also voiced concern regarding the decline in the volume of legislative house proceedings.

He suggested that we think about how the nation’s democratic institutions could be improved. Democratic institutions should be designed such that visitors from other nations can visit, comprehend, and study them. According to Mr. Birla, it is now necessary to bring consistency to the Central and all State Legislatures across the nation. The Lok Sabha Speaker announced that all legislatures would shortly begin a comprehensive campaign for democracy education.

The governor of Rajasthan, Kalraj Mishra, spoke during the event’s closing session as the chief guest, urging that the House meeting be convened promptly. expressed concern over the decline in Assembly meetings and described the scenario where the House is convened without being proroguted as a problematic one. This, according to Mr. Mishra, is deadly for the democratic system. According to Mr. Mishra, the governor is a constitutional institution rather than a person. Only then does he provide his consent after being convinced that the ordinance is justified.