UK demands for the addition of representation for Africa as well as India, Brazil, Germany, and Japan to the UNSC’s permanent seats.


The UK has demanded that the permanent seats on the UN Security Council be increased to include representation for Africa, Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan. Ambassador Barbara Woodward, the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the UN and the July Security Council President, made her remarks as she gave UN journalists a rundown of the Security Council’s monthly agenda.

Regarding the UN Security Council’s reform, she stated that the UK wants to see the permanent seats on the Council expanded to include representation from Africa, Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan. Woodward cited statements made last week by James Cleverly, the foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, in which he declared his country’s desire to advance multilateral system reform.

The first stage of that process, according to Woodward, will be marked by the UK’s Security Council chair in July.