TMC Leader’s Son Accused of Raping and Murder of a Minor Girl


Kolkata: A Trinamool Congress leader’s son has been accused of raping a juvenile girl by inviting her to his birthday party. The girl died from heavy bleeding, and her body was purportedly cremated by the accused forcefully.

The incident happened last Monday in the Shyamnagar locality of  Gajna gram panchayat in Nadia’s Hanskhali number one block. As soon as the incident became known, there was outrage among the locals.

The accused’s name is Brajgopal, the son of Gajna Gram Panchayat member Samar Gowla. Brajgopal’s birthday was on Monday. The minor, a Bogula inhabitant, was invited by Brajgopal to his home for a party. The minor’s family members claimed that the 14-year-old girl went to Brajgopal’s residence that night with another girl and a few others.

The family members said that individuals at Brajgopal’s residence alerted them that the girl had been unwell at the party. They stated they were urged to take the kid to a local doctor. The family also alleged that they were prohibited from taking the girl to a hospital or a private facility.

The girl was rushed to a local doctor by her family members as suggested, but she could not be saved. The next day, she died. According to the family, the girl died as a result of excessive bleeding. Her family members also said that after her daughter died on Tuesday, the Trinamool leader and his party workers forcefully burnt her body at a nearby crematorium.

The minor’s relatives said that they were horrified at the loss of their daughter. However, after receiving assurance from Child Line staff, they filed a case with Hanskhali police station. They allege that the girl was gang-raped.

The victim’s relatives have also accused the police of misconduct. According to them, Hanskhali Police Station head Mukunda Chakraborty refused to consider the gang rape accusation.

TMC leader and accused’s father, Samar Gowla, stated, “My son was rumoured to have an affair with the girl. However, no celebration was planned at home on that particular day. If they are throwing a party, it is inside their circle of friends. I’m not sure.”