The deadline to submit to the Doc Film Bazaar of the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival has been extended till April 10.


The 18th Mumbai International Film Festival, which runs from June 16–18, is being held in conjunction with the inaugural Doc Film Bazaar. Project submission deadlines have been extended by the government to April 10th. Before, projects had until yesterday to be turned in. According to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Doc Film Bazaar is intended to be a unique, all-inclusive platform that demonstrates talent in filmmaking, production, and distribution by promoting and supporting documentaries, short films, and animated entertainment.

Mumbai will host the Doc Film Bazaar. According to the Ministry, filmmakers can submit their ideas and look into ways to collaborate and get funding from both domestic and foreign sources.

Prithul Kumar, Joint Secretary (Films) and MD of the National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC), discussed the program and stated that its primary goal is to give people access to possibilities that tell authentic and captivating tales on a global basis. Filmmakers will be able to obtain important insights into the latest trends, market demands, distribution tactics, and audience preferences with the aid of this platform, he claimed.

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