Dhaba Owner Killed After an Argument for Rs 4


Lucknow: Three youths namely Munawwar Khan, Mozim Khan and Musharraf Khan, who were hiding after brutally stabbing a roadside Dhaba owner, were nabbed by Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly police on Wednesday, March 23. According to reports, the accused had brutally killed a Dhaba owner named Sewaram Gangwar over an altercation that ensued between the deceased and the trio over Rs 4.

The accused reportedly lured the Dhaba owner away on the pretext of seeking an apology for the fight that happened between them on March 11 and invited him for a drink. The Dhaba owner fell for their friendly talks and went along with them. The trio later brutally stabbed him to death and dumped his body in a field near Tiulia underpass in Fatehgarh West.

According to reports, the 45-year-old Gangwar, a resident of Fatehganj West, was found brutally murdered on the Delhi-Bareilly National Highway, falling under the jurisdiction of the Paschim Ganj police station in ​​Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. He was operating a roadside Dhaba on the Delhi-Lucknow National Highway.

In what transpired on March 11, the accused Munawwar Khan, Mozim Khan and Musharraf Khan had visited Gangwar’s Dhaba for a cup of tea. Gangwar asked the trio to pay Rs 4 extra according to the new rate card. The trio objected to paying Rs 20 instead of the usual Rs 16 for 2 cups of tea. This culminated in an altercation between the Dhaba owner and the trio. Infuriated at the trio, the Dhaba owner hurled insults and asked them to leave.

The next day, the three accused went to the restaurant under the guise of reconciling with Gangwar and inviting him out for a drink. Gangwar agreed and went along with them, unaware of their true intentions. The trio was carrying sharp weapons, which they later used to attack the Dhaba owner.

The Hindi Daily, Jagran had reported on March 14 that the accused had brutally stabbed and slit the throat of the deceased with a sharp weapon. His body was also mercilessly hit at many places. The accused then dumped Gangwar’s body in the field near Tiulia underpass in Fatehgarh West and fled. When, on March 14, some passers-by noticed the deceased body lying there, they informed the incident to CBganj police who in turn informed the Fatehganj Western Police. Both the police teams immediately reached the spot and started probing the case.

SP Bareilly Rohit Singh Sajwan said, “We have recovered the murder weapon and the vehicle used for dumping the body. The accused have confessed. They claim that the crime was committed under the influence of alcohol.”

One of the accused, Munawwar defended himself by saying, “We were regulars, and he used to serve tea for Rs 8. However, Sewaram informed us that the prices had risen that day and a cup of tea costs Rs 10. He misbehaved and threatened us when we refused to pay the additional charge. We were embarrassed. We decided to seek vengeance and kill him the next day.”

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