A high-level meeting of the government examines the situation with COVID in the nation.


New Delhi: In order to ensure readiness and efficient administration, the government evaluated the COVID-19 situation in the nation and compliance with prior directives from the Prime Minister at a high-level meeting in New Delhi. Dr. PK Mishra, the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary, presided over the meeting. Dr. Mishra learned about the pandemic’s changing worldwide landscape during the meeting, which saw increases in COVID cases in a few nations, including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Brazil. It was disclosed that over 5,000 samples for COVID-19 testing had been obtained, and up to 1,000 716 International Flights had been reviewed.

Guidelines for International Arrivals have been changed, it was announced to the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary on the 29th of this month. As per the regulations, starting today, pre-departure RT-PCR testing will be required for all international arrivals from China, Singapore, Hongkong, South Korea, Thailand, and Japan. On the Air Suvidha Portal, travellers from these nations must submit and upload results of negative RT-PCR tests as well as self-declaration forms.

Whole genome sequencing is being enhanced, it was announced during the review conference, to ensure that more samples are transmitted to the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) Network. INSACOG Labs across the nation are now sequencing the genomes of about 500 samples that were received this month.