Security beefed up in Vrindavan for Hindola festival


Anticipating heavy influx of pilgrims for the annual Hindola festival on August 11, security has been beefed up in Vrindavan, officials said on Tuesday.

Three additional SPs, eight Deputy SPs, 20 inspectors, 110 sub-inspectors, 600 head constables and constables and two platoon PAC have been deployed in the town, Superintendent of Police (SP) Martand Prakash Singh told reporters.

Police in plain clothes would also be deployed at sensitive spots, he said.

To prevent incidents of drowning, one platoon of Pradeshik Armed Constabulary (PAC) has also been deployed at the bank of Yamuna, officials said.

Led by SIs, two groups in plain clothes have also been deployed in sensitive areas to prevent incidents of chain snatching, pick-pocketing and safety of women, they added.

According to officials, no vehicles would be allowed to enter Vrindavan on Tuesday.

Adequate parking arrangements have been made at every entry point.

The heavy vehicles coming from Mant road would be parked in cattle markets.

Panighat and Panigaon two entry points of Kailash Nagar would be used as exit points, officials said.

Residents of Vrindavan would only be given entry into the town with Aadhaar cards in case of emergency, they added.

The Hindola (swing) is open for public view only once a year during the festival, said Gyanendra Kishor Goshwami, the Rajbhog Seva Adhikari of the temple.

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