Keralite Nurse Wins ‘Nurse of the Year’ Award in the UK


London: A Keralite nurse from Plymouth has won the silver award for the ‘Nurse of the Year’ at the prestigious British Journal of Nursing Awards last week here in the UK.

Archana Shaji Devadas, a lecturer at the University of Plymouth and an honorary Senior Research Nurse at University Hospital Plymouth (UHP) won the award for her outstanding contributions to the nursing profession through clinical care, research, education and academia.

Archana has been praised for her lead educator role in the pioneering Nursing Associate Pilot programme funded by Health Education England. The success of the project helped to alleviate nursing staff shortages. Archana’s role in the setting up of a Simple Discharge Team during the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic saw many benefits in reducing hospital admissions during these unprecedented times. This was applauded by colleagues and the Trust. She also managed and coordinated many commercial and non-commercial COVID vaccine trials and other COVID related studies, which received global attention.

Archana is an academic researcher with a specific interest in Geriatric Health. She has been awarded funding from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to conduct research on this topic. She achieved this after a very competitive interview with other health care professionals.

RCN Lead Representative and Staff-side Chair of Joint Staff Negotiating Committee for UHP, Vicky Brotherton adds, “Archana’s research knowledge was invaluable in the setting up of the Simple Discharge service and she used her previous experience to assist me. She is able to clearly identify issues and provide appropriate and considerate support to all patients”.

Archana said, “Although I have worked and contributed to different levels of modern nursing through patient care, research and education; this national recognition came as a surprise for me. I would like to thank Elaine Freeman, the Specialist Research Nurse, for the nomination and for her support in the Research Department.

“It has been difficult for healthcare workers during the past few years, especially for nurses, due to the pandemic. However, we, the nurses, have proven to the world that nursing is a unique profession.

“Even in the unprecedented times, we cared for our patients with courage and commitment. So, let’s support and be kind to each other.

“I am proud to be part of the diversity of #1BigTeam and a member of the BAME network. I would like to dedicate this recognition to all the nurses in University Hospital Plymouth and beyond. Let’s celebrate it together! “

Archana lives in Plymouth since 2004 with her husband Shaji Devadas also a nurse, working as a Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP) at UHP NHS. She has two children. She studied Diploma in Nursing from St. Joseph’s School of Nursing, Anchal, Kollam, a BSc (Hon) in Health Studies from the University of Plymouth and a Masters in Clinical Research from the University of Plymouth.

The family is from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.