New Delhi will host the pre-launch celebration of the International Year of Millets.


New Delhi: The International Year of Millets will be off with a celebration in New Delhi. Both Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar will be present. At the pre-launch party, heads of missions will also participate.

The benefits of millets were recently emphasised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the G20 conference in Bali, who said that millets might resolve the world’s hunger and malnutrition problems. For long-term food security, he also emphasised how India is supporting organic farming and popularising traditional foodgrains like millets. He had urged everyone to take part in the International Year of Millet festivities enthusiastically the next year.

It will be recognised as the International Year of Millets in 2023. The main objective of this campaign is to raise public knowledge of the health advantages of millets.

The world’s population is anticipated to grow to 8.5 billion people by 2030 and 9.7 billion people by 2050, according to projections from the United Nations. To meet the food demands of the fast expanding world population in such a situation, there is a need for increased production of food grains, particularly millets. According to estimates, millets are an essential part of the diets of more than 90 million people in Asia and Africa.

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