Barroz teaser: When Mohanlal directs Mohanlal


Malayalam superstar Mohanlal on Sunday released the teaser for his upcoming film Barroz – Guardian of D’ Gama’s Treasure. Given that it is also for the first time, Mohanlal is sitting in a director’s chair, besides playing the titular role, the promo is a sort of playful homage to the directors he had worked with so far.

The promo begins with Mohanlal getting a final check on lights and camera before calling ‘action.’ And in front of the camera, he walks in wearing full costume and make-up of Barroz and introduces himself as the Guardian of D’ Gama’s Treasure. Then the director Mohanlal shouts ‘cut.’ He applauds the actor Mohanlal and says “Excellent.” But, he contemplates for a second and decides to do one more take of the scene. And the actor Mohanlal obliges the director’s request without any question.

Earlier, talking to, Mohanlal had explained how he surrenders himself to a filmmaker’s vision and does what’s asked of him with complete faith in his director.

“It is not my expectations (that matter). Somebody standing there and watching me, he’s called the director. I’m 100 per cent dependent on my director. I fully trust him. Sometimes, he asks me if he wants one more take and I think about what was missing and try to deliver it. Performing a scene is not that challenging. I believe that nothing is impossible in acting. Everything is possible. That’s why it is called make-believe. If you are wrong, the director will give you notes and you can do retakes,” Mohanlal had said.

With him stepping up as a director, Mohanlal also seems to demand nothing less than unconditional faith and support from his cast and crew.

Billed as a children’s fantasy drama, Barroz is set against the backdrop of the maritime history of Portugal, Spain, Africa and India. It is the big-screen adaptation of filmmaker-writer Jijo Punnoose’s story of the same name. The film revolves around a mythical figure called Barroz, who has been guarding Vasco da Gama’s treasure for over 400 years and he will hand over the treasure to only the true successors of Gama.

The film, which is shot in 3D, also stars Prithviraj.