The top goal for a bright future should be environmental conservation: Shivraj Singh Chouhan


Bhopal: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, stated that environmental preservation should be given top priority for a bright future. Because of this, he continued, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has maintained the G-20 theme of “One Earth, One Family, and One Future.” The Chief Minister said it is regrettable that a small number of people use the majority of the resources in the globe. The Think-20 meeting’s Thought Session will be crucial in this regard under the G-20 in Bhopal, he said.

The G-20 Think-20 meeting’s inaugural session was being addressed by the Chief Minister at the Kushabhau Thackeray International Convention Center in Bhopal. Global Governance with LiFE values and well-being was the main topic of the two-day conference, which promoted collaboration in the areas of framework, finance, and technology.

Dr. Slamet Soedersono, Indonesia’s deputy minister of political affairs, remarked that in order to accomplish progress while addressing basic problems, efforts must be performed jointly. The paradigm needed for modern inclusive development, according to Madhya Pradesh Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Sachin Chaturvedi, is made possible by leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.