Russian Forces ‘Shoot and Kill 10 People Queuing for Bread’ 


Kyiv: Russian forces have shot and killed 10 people queuing for bread in the northern city of Chernihiv, according to the US embassy in Kyiv.

“Such horrific attacks must stop,” it said.

“We are considering all available options to ensure accountability for any atrocity crimes in Ukraine.”

The embassy did not cite what evidence it had of the attack in a statement posted on its official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Russia has yet to comment. It has been shelling residential areas in Chernihiv.

Ten people were killed in an artillery strike that hit a university and a market on Monday, according to the Ukrainian general prosecutor’s office.

Forty-seven people were killed when Russian forces bombed residential areas including schools and a high-rise apartment building in the city on 3 March, Ukrainian officials said.

A man who recently escaped said the Russian military had “tried to erase Chernihiv from the earth’s surface”.

“They bomb residential areas, they specifically target residential buildings,” Mykola Vasylinko said.

Independent observers said yesterday that Russia was reinforcing troops around Chernihiv.

The UN has confirmed 636 civilian deaths in Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion almost three weeks ago – though the true number is likely to be far greater.

At least 97 Ukrainian children have been killed, according to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Chernihiv is one of the areas with the highest number of child victims, the office of Ukraine’s general prosecutor said.

The International Criminal Court is carrying out a war crimes investigation following Russia’s repeated attacks on hospitals, schools and residential areas.