CBI Arrests Jamia Millia Islamia Professor Khalid Moin in Bribe Case


New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested Khalid Moin, a professor in the department of civil engineering of Jamia Milia Islamia University, for taking bribes to issue a fake safety certificate. The professor had issued a fake safety certificate to the Chintels Paradiso housing complex in Gurugram, a portion of which had collapsed last month.

Several roofs of a building in the Chintels Paradiso housing complex had collapsed last month, causing the death of two women. After that, CBI had launched a probe into a fake safety certificate racket. Today, Khalid Moin was caught red-handed taking a bribe of Rs. one lakh to issue one such fake certificate in a trap laid by CBI. His two aides Abid Khan and Prakhar Pawar were also arrested from a private company based at Okhla in New Delhi. 

A case was registered against the accused alleging that professor Khalid Moin was involved in different activities for issuing bogus structural stability certificates for the projects after taking bribes. It was also alleged that the representatives of different private builders, architects, middlemen, etc. were also a part of the conspiracy. CBI laid a trap and caught the Professor and two others red-handed while accepting and giving the bribe of Rs. one lakh.

Among the three arrested, Khalid Moin is a professor in the department of civil engineering of Jamia Milia Islamia University. Prakhar Pawar owns a firm M/s Vyom Architect located at Okhla Phase-3 in New Delhi. Abid Khan is an employee of Prakhar Pawar.

Notably, Khalid Moin had issued a fake safety certificate to Gurugram’s Chintels Paradiso society, in which portion of an apartment had collapsed in February 2022. Although the case in which Moin has been arrested is not directly linked to the Chintels Paradiso case, it is part of the crimes committed by him, as home buyers trusted safety certificates issued by him to spent their life’s savings to buy houses which turned out to be not safe.

A floor of the Chintel Paradiso residential society in sector 109 of Gurugram had collapsed on Thursday during repair work on the sixth floor of Tower-4 of D-block. Two women had died in the incident while one person was rescued. Repairing work was in progress in the living room of a flat on the sixth floor when its roof started to collapse. This led to the collapse of one after another floor. The collapse started from the sixth floor and it stopped on the first floor of the building. As many of the flats in between the sixth and the first floor were vacant, a major tragedy was avoided.

After a safety audit of the housing complex, four more towers were declared unfit for living. Several structural weakness were found in the buildings, like exposed TMT bars, big cracks and falling plasters.

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