Christian Boy and Muslim Girl Become Hindus and Get Married


Lucknow: In the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, a Christian boy and a Muslim girl underwent gharwapsi and got married according to Hindu rituals. The wedding took place on Wednesday, at Agastya Muni Ashram in Bareilly. People of Hindu organizations acted as relatives from both sides in the marriage. The Kanyadaan ritual was performed by the priest of the temple according to KK Shankhdhar, who is the chief priest of the temple.

According to media reports, the name of the Christian groom is Sumit and the Muslim bride’s name is Noor Bi. Sumit is from Bareilly while Noor Bi is from Pilibhit. The two knew each other since class 12. Later, when they decided to marry, there was opposition based on religion. Sumit loved Sanatan values and culture, so he proposed to Noor to marry him by becoming a Hindu. Noor immediately accepted the proposal and the duo decided to undergo gharwapsi and get married.

Activists of the Hindu Yuva Vahini took both of them to the Agastya Muni Ashram in Bareilly. They told the whole thing to the chief priest KK Shankhdhar. Once both presented evidence of them being adults, the marriage was conducted in the ashram after they embraced Sanatan Dharma. Noor, now named Nisha, went to her in-laws’ house with her husband after the wedding.

After the wedding, Sumit and Nisha resolved to follow the path of Sanatan Dharma. Nisha said, “I am an adult. All decisions are taken thoughtfully. I will go to another distant city with my husband and live in peace. I am a devotee of Goddess Durga. I will also keep fast during the upcoming Navratri.”

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