Canadian Author Gad Saad Seeks Asylum in India


New Delhi: A day after the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked rarely-used emergency powers to curb the ongoing truckers protest, author Gad Saad has asked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi whether he could be accommodated in India as he is looking to leave Canada to escape the dictatorship.

The Canadian author Tweeted on February 15, “Dear @narendramodi, we’re looking to leave Canada to escape the dictatorship. Any room for us in India?”. Gaad had responded to a Tweet by PM Modi where he had paid tribute to Saint Ravidas on the eve of his birth anniversary.

Earlier in the day, the Canadian author had also Tweeted to the United States of America, saying: “Dear United States: I once had to flee Lebanon to start a new life in Canada. Now I need to flee Canada to start a new life in the United States. Will you take us in? We can come in from the Southern border illegally if you prefer. Please advise”.

Tagging Ronald Dion DeSantis, the Governor of Florida in another Tweet, the author said that the Canadian PM doesn’t want people like him in Canada. He hoped that the governor can personally hand over green cards for him had his family when will be attending an event where the governor will also be present in Florida. “Dear @GovRonDeSantis, we’ll be at the same event next week in Florida. Perhaps you could personally hand-deliver me the green card for Dr Saad and his family. @RubinReport can vouch for me. @justintrudeau doesn’t want people like me in Canada,” Tweeted Gad Saad.

It may be recalled that the author and behavioural scientist Gad Saad was one of the many notable personalities from across the world whom PM Narendra Modi had extended personal wishes on the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day of India.

“I just received an official letter from a very high representative of the prime minister of one of the leading democracies in the world. I’m not at liberty to share any additional information but it is truly incredible,” Saad had written on Twitter, tacitly admitting receiving a letter from PM Modi.

On February 14, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to curb the ongoing truckers protest. The Act that has been invoked for the first time in 50 years would give the Trudeau-led Canadian government additional powers to curb the ongoing truckers blockades and protests against Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.