BJP targets Kerala government over high COVID-19 cases


New Delhi: With Kerala constantly reporting well over half of the country’s daily COVID-19 cases, the BJP on Wednesday accused the Left government in the state of doing little to mitigate the health crisis and being busy in “covering it up” through motivated propaganda.

The latest official figures said Kerala had 24,296 new infections out of the total of 37,739 across the country on Tuesday. This is nearly 65 percent of the total.

Union minister and BJP leader V Muralidharan tweeted attacking Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, “Alarming COVID-19 situation in Kerala, @vijayanpinarayi has clearly failed to protect people’s lives. Kerala alone recorded 24,296 cases & 173 deaths yesterday.

“@vijayanpinarayi’s illogical strategy & motivated media propaganda costing dearly the nation.”

BJP spokesperson Tom Vadakkan said Kerala is in the grip of COVID-19, and the state government is busy covering it up.

“Especially the newsreader turned health minister is busy reading the wrong script and spreading disinformation that everything is hunky-dory in Kerala,” he said.

The reality is that while the disease in almost all other parts of the country is under control, little effort is being made to curb it in the state, he claimed.

Alleging that the state government has launched a “massive cover-up” by spreading disinformation, he said people of Kerala are suffering.

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