YouTube announces monetization for creators of shorts


San Bruno: In an effort to offset the growing threat from competitors like Meta and TikTok throughout the world, Google-owned platform YouTube stated on that it will begin splitting advertising earnings with producers of its bite-sized video feature Shorts in early 2023.This action is a part of significant updates the business is making to its YouTube Partner Program, allowing creators of Shorts to apply and earn money through various forms on the network.

Shorts-focused creators will be able to join the programme beginning in early 2023 if they have 1,000 subscribers and at least 10 million views on their short films over a 90-day period. Currently, the programme demands that YouTubers have more than 1,000 followers and 4,000 view hours during the previous year.

Since none of its short video competitors currently has a revenue sharing arrangement in place, even though several players have announced dedicated creator funds, this move could give them an advantage over their short video rivals in attracting new creators and keeping existing ones on their platforms. YouTube has been sharing advertising revenues with creators of long-form videos on its platform for more than 15 years.

While TikTok has recently begun experimenting with sharing of ad revenues, Facebook had announced in February 2022 that it would test sharing of advertising revenues from its short video service Reels. However, TikTok’s efforts are only available to creators who produce the top 4% of the best-performing videos.