Union Budget 2022: A leading pillar to development boom in the country


Delhi: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the general budget for the financial year 2022-2023 in Parliament. The budget was presented after approved by the union cabinet. The speaker said a digital budget was introduced.

Nirmala Sitharaman announced major projects in the fourth budget presented.The budget presentation started referring to the crisis created by the pandemic. The minister said the country was ready to face the challenges of Covid.

The main goal of the government is housing, water and energy for all. The economy of the country is improving. She said India’s growth was better than other countries. Aatmanirbhar Bharat has received excellent response.

This fiscal year will see a growth of 9.2 per cent. He said the budget was a development document for the next 25 years. The general budget 2022 focuses on four areas. P M Gathishakthi Project, Comprehensive Development, Product Development and Investment Promotion.

She said it was the highest revenue earning time since the introduction of GST.

  • An amount of 1500 crore will be allotted to North Eastern States
  • The prices of electronic products and gems will go down
  • The IT return can be renewed and filed within two years
  • New system for income tax return
  • Drinking water in 3.8 crore households
  • One lakh crore financial assistance to states
  • Optic fiber cable in all villages of the country
  • Three schemes for women and child welfare
  • Promotion in the field of animation and visual effects
  • 5G spectrum auction this year
  • One country one registration scheme for industrial development
  • Chip-attached e-passport from this year
  • 80 lakh houses under PM Awas YojanaNational Mental Health Plan coming soon
  • More amount will be evaluated for the employment guarantee scheme.
  • The privatization of LIC will not be delayed
  • Aim for the welfare of youth, women, farmers and backward classes
  • Two lakh crore for small and medium enterprises
  • The plan to connect five rivers is ready