The only way for the nation to advance is by changing Amrit Kaal to Kartavya Kaal: Narendra Modi


New Delhi: The best time for India is coming, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and BJP party members should work hard to advance the country.

Devendra Fadnavis, a prominent member of the BJP, said during a press conference in New Delhi that the prime minister’s closing remarks at the BJP convention were motivational and a map for a new course. He claimed that instead of speaking like a political leader, Mr. Modi spoke like a statesman and kept the country above the party. Mr. Modi urged BJP members to invest all of their time in India’s growth.

According to the prime minister, the only way the nation can advance is by changing this “Amrit Kaal” into “Kartavya Kaal.” He recommended party members to organise some unique Morchas, especially in border areas, to link them to programmes for economic growth.