The first avalanche monitoring radar was successfully installed in North Sikkim by the Indian army and DGRE.


Sikkim: The Avalanche Monitoring Radar has been installed at a forward post in North Sikkim at a height of 15,000 feet by the Indian Army and Defence Geoinformatics and Research Establishment (DGRE) in an effort to prevent any unfavorable situations brought on by natural disasters. This radar, the first of its kind in India, will help to save the lives of soldiers and lessen property damage in super high altitude areas by having the potential to detect avalanches within three seconds of their trigger.

This radar may identify an avalanche in less than three seconds by employing a sequence of brief microwave pulses that are scattered at the target. In case an avalanche is triggered, the radar can detect the avalanche’s path and size while continuously scanning the targeted slope for avalanche release. The radar is an all-weather solution that covers an area of 2 sq/km without the need to install extra equipment in risky avalanche-prone areas because it can see through snow, fog, and nighttime lighting. . The alarm system that the radar is connected to allows for automatic control and warning procedures in the event that an avalanche is triggered. The event’s photos and videos are automatically captured for professional review in the future. This radar can also be used to detect landslides in addition to avalanche detection.

The installation of the first Avalanche Radar in a region with a high avalanche triggering frequency will significantly reduce damage to vehicles and equipment used in such snowbound high altitude areas while also protecting the lives of Indian Army soldiers deployed in hostile terrain and below-freezing temperatures.

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