Taliban a threat to world: Maneka Gandhi


Sultanpur: BJP MP Maneka Gandhi on Thursday said the Taliban is a threat to the world and doesn’t respect women.

She said it is unfortunate that a country like Afghanistan, which has been self-sufficient for centuries, will have to fight again.

“The Taliban is a threat to the whole world. Earlier also they they could not give any good result by fighting. We don’t think they will have improved. The Taliban is very dangerous,” she said while talking to reporters on a three-day visit to her constituency.

“They do not consider women as women. They think that women’s job is only to have children so that they can also get into the fight. They do not respect women. They have big hand in the matters related to drugs,” she said.

On the first day of her visit, she listened to problems of the locals and directed officials concerned to take action to solve them.