Squid Game director teases plotline of Season 2 and Gi-Hun’s fate


Squid Game director Hwang Dong Hyuk and Netflix have teased the plotline for the second season of the Netflix show, which became an international sensation.

In a recent interview with KBS, Hwang Dong Hyuk said that he is currently in the midst of discussions with Netflix about Season 2 and Season 3 of the show, and expects to reach ‘some sort of conclusion’. He added that they know that many people are waiting, so they are working hard to prepare for the next season with a ‘positive outlook’.

Elaborating on the plotline of Season 2, Hwang said that the core focus would be on Seon Gi-Hun (Lee Jung Jae) unravelling the mystery of the deadly organisation. “The overarching plotline of Season 2 will be the story of the people that Gi Hun meets and the people he chases,” he said

Netflix also addressed the possibility of a Season 3. “It’s true that we are discussing a wide variety of possibilities for Squid Game, including the production of a Season 3, but nothing has yet been set in stone.”

Squid Game revolved around people, drowning in debt, who enter a deadly competition of children’s games to win enormous amounts of money. Jung Jae played the lead role of Seong Gi-Hun, a man who is desperate for a better life and decides to join the game. For his performance on the show, Jung has been nominated at Gotham Independent Film Awards, Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

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