Shivling of a Temple Uprooted and Carried to Appear Before a Court


Raigarh: In an extraordinary move, a Shivling of a Shiva temple in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, was uprooted on Friday, March 25 and brought to the Tehsil office to appear before the Court in response to a summoning order issued by the Tehsildar Court a few days ago, reports LiveBeat.

RGHNews, a local media platform, provided LawBeat with photographs and videos showing the Shivling of the temple being carried to the Court on a hand trolly. However, the hearing was cancelled due to a lack of officers in the tehsil, and the date of appearance was set for April 13.

According to LiveBeat, the development occurred as a result of a petition filed by Sudha Rajwade before the Chhattisgarh High Court, in which 16 people, including the Shiv temple, were accused of trespassing on government property.

Rajwade claimed that illegal construction is taking place on government land adjacent to the proposed construction of a housing residential real estate project called Banshi Enclave.

On February 14, 2022, the high court directed the Municipal Corporation to ensure that no further illegal construction on the said government land is permitted. The court also ordered the authorities to inspect the alleged encroachment sites.

In response, the Tehsildar Court directed the concerned officials to inspect the said land and found the encroachment allegations to be true. Following that, the Tehsildar Court summoned ten people, including the temple, to appear before the Court.

The Tehsildar had also warned everyone in the notice that failure to appear at the hearing could result in a Rs 10,000 fine and eviction from the premises.

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