Rajya Sabha sees disruption-free sitting after long time


New Delhi: The Upper House of Parliament on Wednesday functioned without disruption after 41 sittings spread across four sessions, sources in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat said.

They said the last such disruption-free sitting was on March 19, 2021, during the last Budget session. That was the 253rd session of the Rajya Sabha.

The sitting on December 13, 2021, was also free of disruption. But that was during the private members’ business which rarely sees disruptions.

The last disruption-free full session was the 216th session in June 2009 when ministers of the UPA-2 government were introduced in the Rajya Sabha, sources in the Rajya Sabha secretariat said.

The two such occasions for NDA governments in 2014 and 2019 witnessed disruptions, they said.

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