Places and foods: Manapparai Murukku


Manapparai Murukku, its one of the popular deep fried snacks which is quite famous for its unique taste in Tamil Nadu. Murukku is a quite famous snacks you can find anywhere in South India especially in Tamil Nadu. But this Manapparai murukku is the best among the varieties of murukkus available anywhere. Murukku business is a cottage affair in Manaparai,like Tirunelveli halwa, Kancheepuram idli these murukkus are well known for its nativity. Actually this murukku was sold to the train passengers through refreshment stall at the Manapparai railway station earlier in 20th century.

This murukku is prepared simply with rice flour, flavoured with sesame seeds, ajwain seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida powder which gives a wonderful flavor to this deep fried snacks. The speciality of this murukkus is, they are deep fried twice to get a golden colour thus you can differentiate easily with the other murukkus from the original Manapparai murukku.

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