Pakistan: Unidentified Object Falls From Sky, Speculated to be a Failed Missile Test


Islamabad: Days after India accidentally fired a Brahmos missile into Pakistan, an unidentified flying object was seen falling from the sky in Jamshoro in Sindh province today. After the object fell from the sky, it is being speculated it was a missile test that might have failed.

A panic situation was created when people living in Aliabad of Jamshoro in the Sindh state of Pakistan saw an unidentified flying object falling from the sky. A video of the same immediately appeared on social media. It shows the object with a tail of white smoke flying in the sky and then falling straight to the ground.

Pakistani news channel ARY News reported that an unknown object fell from the sky, and the police are probing the same. They said that there was no sound of an explosion.

However, it is being speculated that Pakistan might have test-fired a missile in response to a previous missile mistakenly fired from India. Pakistani news agency the Conflict News Pakistan speculated it to be such a test-fire it failed. They tweeted, “Jamshoro, Pakistan tested a missile in response to previous Indian Brahmos missile. Pakistani missile failed to reach its target & fell down nearby.”

It is notable that a missile testing range is located in the area near Jamshoro, and possibly Pakistan tested an anti-aircraft weapon today, but the rocket failed and the missile fell to the ground.

In the meanwhile, a Pakistani defence analyst account called AEROSINT Division PSF has posted from its Twitter handle that this unidentified flying object seen in Sindh is nothing but Pakistani forces testing their fire range. They posted, “Aliabad, Jamshoro, Sindh. With regards to the video being published on social media, the own forces testing range near the vicinity of this town is active. No reason to create panic.”

They shared in the next tweet that the prior intimation announcing the no-fly zone in the test area was already issued. They said that “A NOTAM was already issued”, and attached the NOTAM issued to airlines, along with a map showing the probable path followed by the projectile. In the NOTAM, the details of the testing schedules are specified in which the dates 17th and 18th March are mentioned.

Though there have been no reports of any damages, the people living in Jamshoro would certainly be worried for a while to see this unidentified flying object appear all of a sudden in the skies and fall down.

Earlier an Indian missile was misfired on Pakistan during its regular maintenance activities. India had issued a statement acknowledging that on 9 March 2022, in the course of routine maintenance, a technical malfunction led to the accidental firing of a missile that unfortunately landed in an area of Pakistan.

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