Ola launches electric scooter, says it will give independence from petrol


After months of anticipation, Ola formally unveiled its electric scooter on Sunday. The Ola Electric Scooter marks the Indian company’s maiden foray into the two-wheeler manufacturing segment.

In a video at the unveiling function, CEO of Ola Bhavish Aggarwal called for the need to reverse climate change and advance the development of the nation.

Harping on the symbolism of launching the Ola Electric Scooter on Independence Day, Aggarwal said just like the freedom struggle was a revolution that gave freedom to India, the company’s electric vehicle revolution would give “freedom from petrol”.

Aggarwal declared Ola’s electric vehicle revolution was being started in India and would be taken around the world.

Aggarwal referred to the upcoming Ola Futurefactory in Tamil Nadu, which would be the world’s largest two-wheeler factory. Aggarwal said it would produce 15 per cent of the world’s two-wheelers and would make 10 million scooters annually, “with one scooter being built every two seconds”. Aggarwal said the Futurefactory would be the biggest building in India.

Aggarwal said the Ola Electric Scooter would be called the Ola S1, adding it would be the “best scooter ever built”. Aggarwal said it would have the “best design”, the “best performance” and “best technology”.

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