Migratory Amur falcon spotted in Aurangabad


An Amur falcon, a native bird of Mongolia and southern Russia, has been seen in central Maharashtra’s Aurangabad for the first time, a local bird enthusiast said on Tuesday.

The migratory bird, which derives its name from the Amur valley, is usually seen in the Sahyadri mountain ranges in winter, said honorary wildlife warden Dr Kishor Pathak here. It was spotted on the outskirts of Aurangabad for the first time two days ago, he told PTI. Dr Pathak spotted the bird perched on a power line in Ellora area on Sunday and clicked some photographs.

Amur falcons travel to Africa when there is snowfall in their native habitats during winter and return to the Amur valley in May, he said.

They travel nearly 22,000 km during this annual migration.

“The Amur falcon feeds on locusts and other insects. It can be identified by its gray body with brown tail and thighs,” said Dr Pathak.