Malayali Woman Stabbed in Broad Daylight in UK Restaurant


London: A Keralite woman waitress in her 30s is in a life-threatening condition in hospital after she was stabbed in an East Ham restaurant in broad daylight. Metropolitan Police officers were called to the scene at 2.22 pm to report a stabbing.

Officers attended the scene at Hyderabad Wala, an Indian restaurant on Barking Road, alongside the London Ambulance Service, and found the injured woman. She was rushed to the hospital. a surgery was done.

A youth was arrested at the scene on suspicion of grievous bodily harm, and a crime scene remains in place on Barking Road.

The restaurant remains closed and police are at the scene. Food has been left on the tables and a bloodied knife can be scene on one table for two.

The London Ambulance Service sent two ambulance crews, a medic in a fast response car and an incident response office. They also dispatched London’s Air Ambulance.

The accused is said to be from Andhra Pradesh.

Terrifying CCTV footage appears to show the moment that the man in an East London restaurant suddenly attacks the woman with a knife. The terrifying clip was captured by the restaurant’s security cameras installed on two walls on March 25.

In the footage, a number of customers are sitting at tables eating at Indian restaurant Hyderabad Wala on Barking Road, East Ham, Newham. The woman walks up to a table where a lone man is sat where he appears to give her something.

The girl then walks out of the shot and goes into the kitchen area of the restaurant before appearing again carrying what looks like a food carton. As she approaches the lone man he appears to grab her wrist and then pulls her closer to him.

The girl looks nervously back at the kitchen area and it appears that she may be called out. At that point, the man leaps to his feet, grabs her, and wraps his arms around her. He then appears to hold a knife to her throat and then slices at her neck and body before she falls to the ground.

Another customer from a different table approaches the knifeman but he is forced to retreat due to being threatened himself. In a second video taken from another angle, two men rush in from the kitchen area and confront the man with the knife.

The knifeman also threatens the two men and appears to make stabbing and slicing movements several times towards the waitress rolling around on the floor. He eventually stops and runs towards the exit before grabbing something from the table he was previously sitting at.