Indian-American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy announces his support for former US President Donald Trump and withdraws from the US Presidential contest.


Indian-American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has declared his support for Donald Trump in the US Presidential election and withdrew from the race. Following his dismal showing in yesterday night’s Iowa Republican caucuses, a decision was made. The lengthy process by which Republicans and Democrats select their nominees for the US presidential election begins with the caucuses.

Despite being relatively unknown in political circles when he entered the contest in February of last year, 38-year-old Ramaswamy was able to attract the attention and support of Republican voters by emphasising America first and having strong views on immigration.

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But in the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump won handily and established himself as the overwhelming favourite to be the Republican nominee. For a third time in a row, Trump plans to run for president in a rematch with Joe Biden. Iowa is a small, rural state in the heartland of America that gains national attention every four years when it hosts the presidential primary. After more than 60% of the anticipated votes were counted, 50.6 percent of the ballots went to Trump, according to Edison Research. Ramaswamy received about 7.7 percent of the vote and placed fourth. Former UN Ambassador Haley received 19.4% of the vote, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received 21.4%.