Homa therapy in the prevention and control of covid-19


Ayurveda always recommended the holistic approach for the prevention of diseases, health promotion and curing the ailments. Agnihotra/Yagya/ homa is a part of Indian rituals, and one of the ancient therapy of healing recommended by Ayurveda. An agnihotra is a simple form of homa. Various materials are used in this therapy like cow dung cake, rice, ghee and medicinal plants either as a firewood or Samidha, which are helpful for purification of the atmosphere resulting in prevention and control of various communicable diseases.

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In Ayurveda epidemic or pandemic has been described as Janapadodhwansa Rogas. And causative factors mentioned that vitiation of Vayu (air), Jala (water), Desh (area), and Kala (season). Abhishyangaja (effects of pathogens, evil forces and unhygienic condition) is also one of the causes of epidemic/ pandemic. For this reason, Ayurveda advocated sterilization of water, air, soil and atmosphere with the help of Agnihotra, i.e. Homa, Yagya, Dhupana.


As Agnihotra is applied in Ayurveda for therapeutic purpose is also known as Homa therapy.
Many studies showed the antimicrobial activity of smoke raises from Agnihotra. When the whole world is facing the pandemic Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), need to think about this therapy.

Agnihotra is a simple form of homa is a part of Indian rituals. This is performed according to the procedure described in the Vedas and other Vedic literature to reap the benefit in the form of good health and ecological balance.

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