Hero Cop Runs Through Flames to Save Baby From Burning House


Jaipur:  Amid the grim reports of communal tension and violence from Rajasthan’s Karauli district, a policeman has emerged as a hero for saving a child from a house on fire.  When constable Netresh Sharma, 31, saw a child weeping inside the house that had been set ablaze by a mob, he rushed inside, took the child and rushed out. In the process, also helped three women who were trapped flee to safety. 

A picture of him with a child in his arms amid burning houses is going viral on social media. The Rajasthan government and police are also hailing the heroic act of the constable. CM Ashok Gehlot spoke to him appreciating his bravery and humanism in risking his life to save others.

The house was set afire during the riots and arson in Karauli on Saturday. Trapped inside, the four-year-old child, his mother and two other women were crying for help. The mother had the baby in her lap. She had wrapped him in a cloth to save him from the flames.

When Sharma saw them, immediately ran into the house through the flames. “Four lives were about to perish before my eyes.  Even if I lost my life, it was my duty to save them at any cost. There was no time to think about what would happen to my own life!”

Netresh says he will never forget the terror on the faces of the child and the women. “When I reached the house, the three women and the child were in a bad condition.  I took the child in my lap and told the women to come after me. I brought them to safety about 20 meters away from the burning house and handed the child back to his mother.”

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