Guwahati Medical College Official’s Signature Goes Viral


Mumbai: The latest social media buzz is all about the unique signature of an official at the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital. While the strokes triggered several jokes and memes, many people would rather mistake it for a scribble than a signature at first glance.

Twitter user Ramesh shared the picture of the unique signature which can be seen above the seal of the registrar of the Department of Orthopaedics, GMCH. The picture shows that the official verified the document by signing it but guessing his name from the signature is not the easiest of tasks.

Hari tweeted this

While sharing the post, Ramesh wrote in the caption that he has seen many artistic signatures but this official’s signature is the best one.

The post has garnered tons of likes and retweets. Users compared the signature with the spine of a porcupine; not only that, but they also shared pictures of other illegible signatures. Swapnil tweeted:

Swapnil tweeted a meme

Last year, the signature of MK Jayan, a block development officer of Mananathavady, Wayanad, went viral on the internet. The signature resembled a peacock. According to Deccan Herald, Jayan developed the peacock signature in Class 10th when his teacher advised him that signature should be unique.

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A signature is the handwritten depiction of a person’s name. It should be unique as it is mostly used for validation. People use difficult pen strokes to make their signature unique and hard to copy.

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