Goondas Act for hoarding Remdesivir: Tamil Nadu CM


Hoarding of Remdesivir, a drug used in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, and selling oxygen cylinders at exorbitant rates will attract police action under the stringent Goondas Act in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister M K Stalin said on Saturday.

The CM’s direction to the police comes in the wake of arrest of a number of persons for allegedly selling Remdesivir vials in the black market at inflated prices amid a surge in demand for the life-saving oxygen.

Stalin said that while the public have accepted the “bitter pill” of lockdown despite the curbs affecting their livelihood and have extended cooperation to save lives, at the same time, some “anti-social elements” were hoarding the drug and selling it in the black market, he said in a statement.

“Similarly, complaints are being received that at some places oxygen cylinders are being sold at high rates.

Indulging in such acts during a pandemic is a severe crime,” Stalin added.

“I have directed to the police department to take stringent action under the Goondas Act against those who hoard Remdesivir and sell oxygen cylinders at inflated price,” the CM said.