Dubai hosts the opening of the Hunar Indian Folk and Tribal Art Exhibition


One of the oldest art galleries in the city, Dubai Art Centre, is now holding the “Hunar” show, which features an eye-catching collection of Indian folk and tribal art. The display showcases India’s folk and tribal arts, which have a rich cultural legacy. Aipan art from Uttarakhand, Madhubani art from Bihar, and Warli art from Maharashtra are just a few of the artistic forms that visitors to the show can experience. The exhibition also includes colorful murals from Kerala and detailed Muria artwork from Chhattisgarh, each of which provides a window into the essence of Indian customs. With the “Hunar” exhibition, art fans in Dubai have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to delve into the rich and varied world of Indian folk and tribal art and witness firsthand the country’s artistic legacy and cultural diversity.