Curious Kidz ( India’s Growing Pre School Chain Brand )



Category :Education
Established :2018
Started :2018
Brand Outlets :8 +
Investment :Model A – Including Basic Materials Of INR 2 L – ( Gold ) – 3.5 L INR , Model B -Including Basic & Advance Materials Of INR 3.5 L ( Platinum ) – INR 5.5 L, Model C – Including Basic , Advance Materials & Outdoor Equipment- INR 4.5 L( Diamond ) – INR 7.


Curious Kids uses the Finland system of learning by playing and Activity and Theme Based methodologies to generate fresh ideas.

Dr. Sanjay Rodge, an entrepreneur was passionate about redefining the preschool business. Dr. Rodge is a renowned gynaecologist who loves kids. He approached CK Finland, Helsinki to open a preschool that was inspired by the country’s unique educational curriculum.He took up the challenge to build a 5000 sft preschool in Selu, a remote town in Maharashtra. The gauntlet was to use Finland’s play-based and theme-based education.

He started the school in 2017 and by 2019 could prove to CK Finland that in a remote town in India the kids could grow to be independent thinkers and are ready for a VUCA world. Scan this page to see the success of the Selu Remote Experiment.

Curious Kidz Vision

To ignite and kindle the curiosity of the child to enable experiential learning which makes them lifelong learners as global citizens.

Curious Kidz Mission

To empower the students to

1. Build bridges among different learning media/infrastructures

2. Take charge of their own learning in authentic, personally relevant context

3.Collaborating with others to solve real-world problems

4.Use technology for active engagement and collaboration with physical and virtual communities

Curious Kids Education Programmes :-

(1) Toddlers – 1 to 2 years

(2) Playgroup – 2 to 3 years old

(3) Nursery group – 3 to 4 years old

(4) Lower Kindergarten – 4 to 5 years

(5) Upper Kindergarten – 5 to 6 years

(6) Day Care & Activity Centre

Brand Franchisee USP’s :-

(A) Massiv advertising budget.

(B) Business success training.

(C) Get required training to increase business referrals.

(D) Multiple revenue streams on a partnership mode.

(E) Artificial Intelligence based

(F) Get your choice of location in your city.

(G)Business strategy enabled.

(H) Marketing and sales enabled.

(I) Academics and training enabled.

(J) Structural and interiors enabled.

(K) Recruitment enabled.

(L) Technology enabled.

Why Franchisee With Curious Kids:-

1. Low Investment & High Returns

2. 360 Degree Support given to all franchisee holders

3. Penta corner systmem based on Finland education patterns

4. Unstructured learning in structured manner

5. Activity gives the overall development of physical and mental growth of a child

6.Easy set-up

7.Easy operations, no educational background required

8. Minimum Government Regulations

9. Work-life balance is easy with easy work timings from 9 am to 2 pm / 9 am to 5 pm

10. Work near your home, no long distance commute

11. Holidays and vacations based on childrens’ school holidays

12.A Positive work environment

13. Stress-free work

14. Respect from the community

15.Chance for dierent members of the family to be involved

16.High degree of satisfaction as you are providing a foundation to so many children’s lives

17. Happiness because you are transforming lives of so many employees

Advantages Of Taking A Curious Kids Franchise

1. Capitalize on a proven system

2. Lower purchase prices with one-stop solutions

3. Ease of Recruitment

4. No background or experience required in the field

5. Preferred by customers over “local brands

6. Be your own Boss

7. Get fantastic Admissions

8. Get Multiple Revenue Streams

9. Bulk purchasing

10. Handholding right from the start to forever, including handling ups and downs

Other Advantages Of Brand Franchisee :-

(A)- 10 days training for franchisee

(B)- Local documentation and legal support 

(C)- Staff training support

(D)- Operation manual and support

(E)- Marketing through social media

(F)- Pre-opening and launch strategies

( G )- R&D support for future

Brand is offering franchise opportunity  Pan India

Team – Curious Kidz


Single Unit :Model A – Including Basic Materials Of INR 2 L – ( Gold ) – 3.5 L INR , Model B -Including Basic & Advance Materials Of INR 3.5 L ( Platinum ) – INR 5.5 L, Model C – Including Basic , Advance Materials & Outdoor Equipment- INR 4.5 L( Diamond ) – INR 7.
Brand Fee :Included In Single Unit Investment – Model A ( Gold )- INR 1.5 L , Model B – ( Platinum) INR 2 L, Model C ( Diamond ) INR 3 L
Equipments :Included In Single Unit Investment
Furniture And Fixtures:Included in Investment
Advertising / Marketing :Brochures / Pamphlet / Marketing Materials / Digital Marketing Suport would be provided by brand
Expected Pay Back Period:8 – 12 Months
The Expected Return 
On Investment To The Franchisee:
ROI- First Two Year 12 % , Next Three Year 15%
Any Other Investment Needed:Not Required
Looking Expansion In Areas:Pan India


Field  Assistance Available  For  Franchisees:Yes
Franchise  Traning programme:Yes
Detailed  Operating Manuals  For Franchisees:Yes 
Need of IT System:Computer , Printer & CCTV Camera 
Assistance  From Head Office To Franchisee:Yes


Required Property For This Franchise Opportunity:Residential Ground Floor
Required  Floor Area:1500 Sq Ft – 2500 Sq Ft
Preferred  Location  For Unit  Franchise:Easy Approachable / High Footfall Area / High Street / High Residential Area
Office  Staff Required:Yes
Computer  / System :Yes
Internet  Connection :Yes , its compulsary



Have standard Franchise Agreement:Yes
Franchise Term:5 Years ( Renewable )

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