All measures in place to secure PPP data: Khattar


Chandigarh: The Congress on Friday sought to know the steps being taken by the Haryana government to secure data of “Parivar Pehchan Patra” to prevent its misuse, with CM Manohar Lal Khattar telling the state Assembly that all measures have been put in place.

Responding to a question raised by Congress MLA Neeraj Sharma during the Question Hour, Khattar said, “We have put in place all measures to secure data of the PPP.”

“The data is not used for any other purpose and is not shared with any private agency. The data in the PPP database is stored securely on the government cloud,” said Khattar.

“The portal works on an authorised user basis only and no one has been given open access to the data stored on it. Presently, the portal is being monitored by NIC (National Informatics Centre) on behalf of CRID (Citizen Resource Information Department) and all security protocols prescribed by NIC are being followed,” Khattar said.

Congress MLA Kiran Choudhary had also asked how will the government ensure that the data remains secure.

On Neeraj Sharma seeking to know the total number of families registered under the PPP scheme in the state, Khattar said that 2,20,48,121 persons belonging to 54,73, 599 families in the state have given their signed consent by registering themselves in the PPP till August 18.

He said that under the survey of Parivar Pehchan Patra scheme, so far 30,000 families with annual income up to Rs 50,000 and families declaring annual income up to Rs 1 lakh have been identified.

Teams of six departments are making plans to increase their sources of income by contacting the families, he told the House.

He further informed that 9,20,569 families comprising 29,84,533 persons have updated their data in registration and PPP till August 18, 2021 but their signed consent is yet to be provided.

Khattar said the PPP database serves as metadata for the distribution of all government schemes, subsidies, services and benefits.

Presently, the integration of government schemes, subsidies, services and benefits with PPP is being done and this work is likely to be completed in the next three months, he said in his reply.

Upon integration, it will be possible to provide citizen services proactively anytime, anywhere without the need for documents as the data available with PPP database is pre-verified, he said.

On Neeraj Sharma pointing out that mathematical calculation of per capita income has been shown as Rs 61,558 as against per capita income of Rs 2,39,535 mentioned in state’s economic survey, Khattar said the income data in the PPP has been collected on the basis of self-declared information by families along with the number of their members.