A Temple for a Pet Dog in Manamadurai


Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu:  This 82-year-old man’s best friend will now be remembered forever. Muthu, retired government staff and a resident of Manamadurai has built a temple for his deceased pet dog — Tom — at his farm. He believes the act would eternalise the bond he shared with the pet.

According to G Manoj Kumar (32), nephew of Muthu, the labrador-breed was initially bought by his brother Arunkumar 11 years ago. However, as they were unable to take care of the dog beyond six months, Muthu volunteered to take care of it. Since then, Tom had been with Muthu till its death in January 2021.

“My uncle took care of Tom for over 10 years and Tom returned it to him with his loyalty. Many a time, Muthu had said the dog was a member of the family and that no one should show any partiality towards it,” Manoj Kumar added.

However, all of a sudden, Tom developed health issues and died without responding to treatment. Following this, Muthu decided to set up a temple for his late friend and spent Rs 80,000 from his savings to build a marble statue of Tom.

The statue was built with the help of pictures of the dog Muthu’s relatives had taken and was installed in the last week of January this year. A small temple was also built on the farmland in Bramanakurichi near Manamadurai. Manoj said Padayal (food) is presented before the statue, and that the statue is garlanded every Friday and other auspicious days.

Muthu decided to set up a temple for Tom and spent Rs 80,000 from his savings to build its marble statue. The statue was installed in the last week of January this year.

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