2 lakh small-scale food-processing businesses are receiving financial aid from a center.


Maharashtra: Pralhad Singh Patel, the Union Minister of State for Jal Shakti and Food Processing Industries, has noted that only a small amount of money has been spent in Maharashtra over the past three years on projects related to the Jal Jeevan Abhiyan, and that the work has not progressed as quickly as was anticipated.

After a two-day tour to Baramati, he was meeting with reporters in Pune. Mr. Patel stated that the Center is offering financial support totaling Rs 10,000 crore to raise the star rating of roughly 2 lakh small businesses engaged in the food processing industry nationwide, and Pune and other small businesses in Maharashtra should take advantage of this.

Mr. Patel participated in a variety of events held throughout the majority of the Baramati Loksabha constituency’s assembly constituencies. According to him, the visit demonstrated that people are in the right frame of mind to effect change in the approaching elections.