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Government plays an essential role in our lives. Each day, policies are advanced, announcements made or projects initiated. However a large number of these public welfare interfaces, go unnoticed. And that means missed opportunities to make life better. At, it is our endeavor to reach govt. initiatives to people online, so govt. information and services can be availed to make a difference in life conditions, career or business. Stay with us to know what govt. has in store for you.


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Government plays an essential role in our lives. Each day, policies are advanced, announcements made or projects initiated.However a large number of these public welfare interfaces, go unnoticed. And that means missed opportunities to make life better.At, it is our endeavor to reach govt. initiatives to people online.

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Meet Ms Nadar Who Spread the Rumour on Amit Shah

NEW DELHI:It was on 9 May,Home minister Amit Shah declared  that he is healthy and not suffering from any disease, nixing all rumours circulating around his health.

In a detailed Twitter post, Shah pointed out how for the past several days, some people have spread many rumours about his health through social media. He said many people have even tweeted praying for his death.

“The country is currently fighting a global epidemic like corona and as I keep busy being the home minister of the country, I did not pay attention to all of this. When this came to my notice late at night, I thought that all these people should enjoy their imaginary thoughts. So I did not give any clarification.

“But millions of my party workers and my well wishers have expressed a lot of concern since the last two days. I cannot ignore their concern. So I want to clarify today that I am perfectly healthy and I do not have any disease,” said Shah.

Who is the one that prayed for Shah’s death?

Meet Ms Vijaylakshmi Nadar who began spreading rumours about Shah.She is one who believes herself a journalist.Here is her tweet:

This is the bio data of Ms Nadar in a site called Grey Podium:

“Vijaya is an Independent journalist and writes on current politics, sports and spirituality. She started her career as a print journalist, specializing in investigative reporting, having contributed to several publications including The Pioneer, The Week, Indian Express, Free Press group, Midday, Afternoon, Daily and Life Positive.

“Though she dabbled with political reporting in the past, it was more out of disillusionment than a real conviction. The conviction came much later in life, when the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), won the first Delhi elections in December 2013. Her curiosity in the party and party chief Arvind Kejriwal was kindled when he resigned as chief minister, after only 49 days in power, a move which requires tremendous guts and gumption. Since then, she has followed the growth of the party keenly, cheered loudly when AAP came back to power in 2015. A close monitoring of the Delhi government model, has only strengthened her belief that good, clean governance with sound policies, is the only way forward for mass development, whether it is in areas of education, health, housing or infrastructure, all of which has tremendous results in Delhi, in just its very first term, at the helm.”

So disillusionment is in her character.Let us wish her many more!

Thiraviyam Nadar with Varadaraja Mudaliar

“I have no ill-will or malice towards people who have spread these rumours. Thank you to you too,” Shah had added in his clarification.

Drawing from Hindu beliefs, Shah said it is believed that such rumours strengthen one’s health. “Therefore, I hope that all such people will leave these meaningless things and let me do my work and will also do their own work,” said Shah.

Vijaylakshmi is the daughter of S Thiraviyam Nadar,a close associate of Mumbai don Varadaraja Mudaliar.Rajinikanth movie,Kaala was based on him.Vijaylakshmi’s brother,Jawahar Nadar,who too is said to be a journalist,had filed a defamation case against Rajnikanth,for Rs 101 Crore.Kaalawas a 2018 Indian Tamil  film written and directed by Pa. Ranjith and produced by Dhanush.Rajinikanth portrays the role of Karikaalan who protects his people in Dharavi.

Thiraviam Nadar,erstwhile godfather of Dharavi,a native of Umarikadu village in Tamil Nadu’s Thirunelveli district, reached Mumbai circa 1954.

Vijaylakshmi had remembered her father in DailyO in June 2018:

“Destiny brought my father to Mumbai in the 1950s, as a hungry, 16-year-old hiding under the seats of a train which he thought was taking him to Burma, where South Indian refugees would flee to in those days besides Ceylon.

“He was fleeing Tirunelveli district, which was severely hit by a famine. He made a life for himself in Sion, Mumbai by grabbing desolate land that belonged to no one — land which nobody wanted.

“He built temporary sheds there which doubled up as shops and residences. He helped the several thousands who fled Tirunelveli after him “settle” in Dharavi after literally filling the mosquito-ridden, vast, stinky swamps with mud to erect temporary shelters.

“Today, that no-man’s land is worth zillions and being eyed by every major political party.

“Since my father escaped the police radar unlike his “brothers” — dons Vardhabhai Mudaliar and Haji Mastan — bound together by a common story of survival, nothing about his life has been documented.

“He shot to fame — and notoriety — when he singlehandedly put paid to Shiv Sena’s supremo Bal Thackeray’s plans to throw “madrassis” out of Mumbai.”


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