Khushbu Supports BJP on New Policy


CHENNAI:Popular actress of the 1990s and current day politician in Tamil Nadu, Khushbu Sundar has upset her fellow Congress party leaders with her support to the recently announced Education Policy. 
The DMK and its constituents led by leaders like V Gopalswamy have predictably protested against it. Having moved from the DMK to the GOP, Khushbu was an accepted face as she was the perfect Tamil housewife once she quit her active film career and spoke the local language fluently. Yet her recent action has made her state leader K S Alagiri unhappy. In his tweet, he remarked that while the Congress has inner party democracy, speaking outside the party setup can be considered a lack of maturity.
Always articulate and a very active party leader on social media, Khushbu  has surprised everyone by her statement. This statement  on Twitter is being seen in another episode of dissatisfaction within the party recently. But Khushboo  has made many more tweets with this tweet, in which she has clipped the speculation of leaving Congress. She said that having a different view on any issue does not mean leaving the party. In fact, she tweeted on Thursday, that her opinion on the new education policy is different from the party. But what she wrote next was shocking to everyone. Khushbu wrote, ‘I apologize to Rahul Gandhi but I prefer to speak facts rather than becoming a robot or a puppet. Khushbu further wrote that you cannot agree on your leader on every issue. ” 

In another tweet, she wrote, “I would like to see positivity in everything and work together on negative things. We should suggest a way to deal with problems and not just raise voice. Opposition also means working for the country. I would like to follow Atal ji’s life and UPA where we have worked together in this matter.” She also said that “English is important but I still think that children understand more well in their language. English is a language you choose like any other, but the important thing is how much you learn.”

 She wrote, she sees some positive changes on the new education policy. However, she also wrote that the Sanghis do not need to be happy, she is not going to the BJP. Trollers have pointed out that she went from DMK to Congress and she  might now jump to BJP.

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