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Government plays an essential role in our lives. Each day, policies are advanced, announcements made or projects initiated. However a large number of these public welfare interfaces, go unnoticed. And that means missed opportunities to make life better. At, it is our endeavor to reach govt. initiatives to people online, so govt. information and services can be availed to make a difference in life conditions, career or business. Stay with us to know what govt. has in store for you.


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Government plays an essential role in our lives. Each day, policies are advanced, announcements made or projects initiated.However a large number of these public welfare interfaces, go unnoticed. And that means missed opportunities to make life better.At, it is our endeavor to reach govt. initiatives to people online.

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Increase Spiritual Strength, Face Calamity

calamity such as a Covid, storm, landslide, earthquake, flood, War can arise at any moment. What to do in such a situation ? As there is no knowledge about this, the common man gets confused and loses his mental balance. Consequently he may end up doing wrong actions or taking wrong decisions. To be able to combat such situations bravely it is necessary to make efforts such as chanting as part of spiritual practice, so as to create spiritual strength within the self, to face the situation bravely.

Given further are points on how to make efforts in spiritual practice even in adverse times.

1. Prayer

Pray to Bhagwan Shrikrushna, the village Deity, Deity of the place and Deity of premises wholeheartedly every 15 minutes to half hourly as ‘O God (Name of Deity) I am surrendering unto You. You alone can ferry us across this calamity. May I be able to chant Your Name continuously. May an armour of Your Name be created around me, my family and my home.’

2. Increasing chanting

Throughout the day chant the Name of Bhagwan Shrikrushna or your Deity of worship (Ishtadevata) as much as possible. As in the Kaliyug the Name of God alone is the support, keep chanting in your mind. If you can play a chant on your mobile phone or speaker then do so as it will remind you to chant.

3. Spiritual emotion necessary

During this adverse period all should help each other and try to increase their faith in God by giving mental support. Though maintaining social brotherhood is each one’s religious duty when helping another the feeling should be ‘I am not helping, God Himself is getting it done from me’. This will prevent thoughts of door ship and will also not create give-and-take account with that individual.

4. Making efforts to reduce ego

In such situations there are chances of manifestation of personality defects such as disturbance in the mind, feeling anxious, fear followed by restlessness etc. Taking appropriate autosuggestion helps in getting out of these situations.

5. Overcome anxiety by autosuggestion

Incident : Excessive rain has caused flooding in the city

Autosuggestion : When observing the situation in the city a thought about ‘what will happen to me and my family’ crosses my mind I will realize that I shall be able to face the situation if I live in the present and God too will like that. I shall keep things at home safe from water and become aware that helping my family will be my duty/spiritual practice at that time. I will recollect points learnt to face difficult situations and will perform appropriate actions amidst chanting.

6. Strive to develop intense devotion 

Faith in God helps in ferrying across any calamity. The example of devotee Prahlad is well known. Despite having to face great calamities faith of Prahlad in God did not waver at all. Every time he would call out to God as ‘Narayan’. Hearing his distressing call God manifested Himself in the form of Nrusinha (Man-lion).

This example explains how deep and intense the faith in God should be. There is no alternative to attaining this high spiritual state without spiritual practice. The first step towards developing this kind of intense faith in God is regular spiritual practice. By making efforts to developing faith like Prahlad all should experience the expansive grace of God.

The Power of prayer is immense. Every event at a Hindu home begins with a prayer. Even public events start with a short prayer seeking the blessings of god for the smooth running of events. Psychologists describe prayer as a “subconscious” and” emotional effusion”, an outburst of the mind that desires to enter into communication with the invisible. In the Vedic parlance, a prayer was more or less synonymous with mantra, used to communicate with God and seek blessings and wealth from him. Hindus in the Vedic period performed elaborate rituals, chanting mantras or prayers to seek God’s blessings in the fulfillment of individual desires or for seeking something important for the community as a whole. For eg: One of the most powerful and frequently chanted mantra in the Vedic period was the Shanti Mantra seeking God’s help in peace, health and well-being of everyone.

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चित् दुःखभाक् भवेत् ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः !!

May all attain peace, may all be healthy – may all enjoy good fortune, may none suffer misery and sorrow.

OM ! ! Peace Peace Peace ! ! !  


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